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One diet pill, called Anadrox, combines the components that are already proven in other diet pills with its own potent formula, claiming to achieve better results. It is also the first diet pill to use Nitric Oxide in its formulation, which has been made possible by using patented compounds.

On its own, Nitric Oxide increases the flow of blood inAnadrox the body. By doing this, the fat burning process is accelerated, and with the correct amount, could possibly even protect the liver from any damage. This compound has proven its worth when used in other disciplines of biology.

The manufacturers of Anadrex ensure the delivery of Nitric Oxide by using two patented compounds which ensure that the fat burning with Nitric Oxide is possible. The first compound is one called NitroFolin, which is comprised of such elements as taurine, banaba leaf extract, n-acetylcysteine, NADH, citrulline malate, l-arginine HC1, 1-tyrosine, vanadyl sulphate and choline dihydrogen citrate.

NitroFolin has been called the “pump” part of the compound due to the fact that the elements that make it up helps to increase metabolism. The other compound is Thermo-Z7, which is the “burn” component of the compound. The elements making up this compound helps to increase the flow of blood in the body eventually assisting in faster, but safe, weight loss.

Weight loss is possible with Anadrox because of the two compounds working to deliver Nitric Oxide. You won’t find these compounds in any other weight loss products, which is what makes the Anadrox supplements one of the most sought after on the market today. Most of the users who tried it were convinced of the effects which were achieved by the Nitric Oxide in the product.

Other Elements In Anadrox

Nitric Oxide isn’t the only element in this produce which burns fat. There is also Folate, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Copper and Chromium found in Anadrox. And, this product also contains green tea, which has already been in use for centuries for many different health benefits. Also found in Anadrox is the revolutionary 7-Keto metabolite, which speeds up digestion and the fusion of the other elements in the body.

Price and Stats on the Composition

Even though Anadrox does have the components which could be effective for weight loss, the creators of this product have failed to mention just how much of the fat burning elements are actually contained in the make-up of the pill.

Nitrox Oxide can burn fats easily and help us to lose weight, but the intake of this element should be controlled to avoid dangerous side effect, which could even prove to be fatal. Along with the non-disclosure of the amount of elements in the product, Anadrox is a very expensive product.

There are 112 caplets in each bottle, which might sound like a great bargain for the $41.99 price tag. But, that is before you realize that the recommended dose is eight pills each day, so one bottle will actually last you less than 15 days! It will cost you over $100 just to do a 30 day program.

There may be some very impressive components making up this supplement, especially the Nitrox Oxide, but the price and non-disclosure of component amounts makes us think twice about recommending the product over other proven supplements on the market.

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