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One potential weight loss product on the market, called Accelis, is a completely natural supplement that controls glucose. It is believed that it can help those wanting to lose weight be able to shed up to ten pounds quickly.Accelis

There are many major selling points to this supplement, including the fact that it is completely natural. In a time when there have been many other weight loss products, which contain harmful chemicals being faced with lawsuits by consumers, this is a strong selling feature.

Dieters who choose to take Accelis do not have to take many pills each day, and they don’t have the worry about the possible negative side effects which are associated with so many of the other weight loss products on the market today. Accelis works with the body’s cells to help regulate the glucose levels so that there isn’t an overabundance of it being stored in the body, leading to weight gain.

Accelis Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product is called Lagerstroemia speciosa. This contains 3% corosolic acid, which is the ingredient responsible for taking glucose and converting it into muscle, instead of fat. Although this has been proven to be effective for losing weight, it is unlikely that a blend containing such a small amount of corosolic acid would have much effect.

The other ingredients are made up primarily of tea extracts and many other herbs such as:

    • Caffeine-free white tea extract. Considered to have no effect for weight loss.

    • Caffeine-free green tea extract. Is very good for many things in the human body, and even though it has been proven to help with weight loss, its weight loss components are lost once it becomes decaffeinated.

    • Caffeine-free oolong tea extract. Also contains no value for weight loss once it has been decaffeinated.

    • Chamomile extract. Has been proven to help with digestion, but not for weight loss.

    • Soy phospholipids

    • Passionflower extract

While these are all healthy and completely natural ingredients, they have not been proven to be effective in helping to lose weight, especially in such small doses.

Accelis and their Clinical Study

The official Accelis website states that there is a clinical study to back up their weight loss claims. However, they neglect to mention that the study was in truth done only on Lagerstroemia speciosa, not on Accelis itself.

And, since they don’t disclose how much Lagerstroemia speciosa is actually in the Accelis formula, (which can’t be much since there is a proprietary blend of only 30 mg in total), there really is no way to be able to compare the results of this study with the product itself.

Furthermore, the one and only testimonial that is offered by Accelis to back up their claims, is that of a resident doctor that claims this product does help with weight loss. However, it has since been uncovered that this doctor was actually paid for his endorsement.

Conclusion on Accelis

Only having to take 2 tablets every evening does make Accelis very easy to take. But, no product – natural or not – should ever be taken without knowledge of what the full effects may be. Without any proper studies having been done to back this product up, the results and risks of Accelis are not known.

While the fact that this product is all natural is positive, the lack of caffeine takes most of the fat burning potential away for Accelis. We do believe that there may be some benefit for those battling diabetes to help with weight maintenance, but other than that, we don’t feel that there are any significant benefits to others.

And, while the advertising claims that you can lose ten pounds fast, it doesn’t say how fast, and how much you need to take to achieve these results.

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