“Alli vs. Proactol – Which is the best
weight loss pill?


Are you getting tired of being sold on a weight loss product, and finding out that what they were offering doesn’t match with the results you are seeing? Well, we are too – which is why we decided to compare some of the leading weight loss products available on the market to see for ourselves which ones deliver on their promises.
And, after conducting our research, we believe that we have found the two products that work as promised, giving the best weight loss results. These products are Proactol and Alli.


      – Natural enzymes which

break down fat

      that is consumed while eating is blocked by Orlistat. Much of the fat will be passed through the body naturally, without being digested.


    Proactol – When NeOpuntia binds to the fats in the body, it forms a viscous solution. Up to 30% of the fat that you consume with your meals can be bound in this way.

    What is Proactol?

    Proactol has been clinically proven to:Proactol

    • Suppress your appetite and decrease food cravings

    • Bind up to 28% of dietary fat intake

    • Lower cholesterol levels in the blood

    • Reduce the amount of calories taken in each meal by 150 calories

    • Increase flexibility of joints

    • Reduce the amount of aching in limbs

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    What is Alli?

    AlliAlli has been clinically proven to:

    • Reduce intake of calories

    • By inhibiting the enzyme in the pancreas that breaks down the triglycerides in your intestines, it can prevent the absorption of fat by up to 25%
    Both of these weight loss products are well known for reducing the amount of fat ingested, and initially, their similarities are impressive. But, after more thorough investigation, we uncovered some unpleasant side effects of Alli that put Proactol into the lead as the best dietary supplement to recommend.
    The one strike against Alli is the messy side effects!

    To name just a few of the somewhat embarrassing effects from taking Alli pills, some people have suffered from incontinence, gas and some oily spotting (diarrhea). But, that isn’t all!
    Some consumers have reported to have discomfort even a week after stopping use of the product, which doesn’t give much confidence to anyone considering taking Alli over another product, such as Proactol.
    Proactol has no known side effects, and it is believed to be even more efficient in producing weight loss results – up to 3% more efficient than others.
    What is at the root of the problem?

    When comparing the products side to side, one of the limitations that we discovered with Alli is that it is very one-sided. While it is true that if you are eating a well balanced diet, with less that 15 grams of fat each meal, you will easily see weight loss of up to 1-2 lbs per week, but there isn’t much else to offer.
    Apart from reducing the user’s intake of fat by about 25%, there isn’t much else to recommend about the product – and you will have to contend with the constant worry about whether it is safe to go out or not.
    It really isn’t something that is easy for many people to have to worry about their bowel movements and patterns every time they go out, or having to control the intake of fats at each meal.

    Happy slimming girlAt first, Proactol may just be recognized as a natural fat-binder, but there are many other benefits to this amazing product, including quality and affordability. Consumers can benefit as well from its appetite suppression qualities, to lower blood cholesterol levels to a reduced calorie intake.
    And, there is no shelf life, which really is wonderful news for anyone who may struggle to keep weight off. Even after they have lost the excess weight, they can continue to use Proactol for maintenance as long as they may need to.
    But, this isn’t saying that there are no benefits to taking Alli diet pills either.
    If the user can ignore many of the side effects, when they take Alli pills, they can be sure that they will experience weight loss at an affordable price. It has long been marketed as your “ally”, which has come a long way in improving its image.
    The only thing that remains for many people, is how long they can cope with the many side effects that come with the product before they give up.
    Alli just has too many flaws

    However, these unpleasant side effects weren’t our only concern when looking at the Alli diet pill. The history of it was a bit astounding too.
    The dietary supplement is made from Xenical, which has to be reduced to half strength in order for it to be put on the market. So, while they may claim to be the only over the counter supplement that the health authorities have approved, the lengths it has had to go to in order to achieve this status is under question.
    What about Alli’s side effects? We just are not able to ignore these effects when there are so many other products on the market, like Procatol, which offer much better results, without the risk of embarrassment and discomfort.
    Our top recommendation goes to Proactol

    If you are looking for a genuine, safe and affordable solution to natural weight loss, we highly recommend Proactol. It is unique and versatile, which offers more than just easy weight loss. Users can also get the support they need to finally have the bodies they have been dreaming of.

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