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The weight loss industry is becoming massive as more people are starting to feel more concern over their health. In addition, the media portrays overweight people in such a negative light, that the influence felt to be thin has become almost an obsession.

Following in this trend, the number of weight loss products that are showing up in the market has grown, but in truth there are very few products that actually have the FDA seal of approval. One of the most well known over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss products that has been approved for consumer use by the Food and Drug Administration is Alli.

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What is Alli?

At the moment, Alli is still one of the most popular diet pills on the market compared to most non-prescription pills. In fact, Alli is not much different than Xenical. But, the ingredients have been reduced because many Xenical retailers realize that their product can be dangerous to users. It has been said that Alli is actually equal to a half dozen Xenical.

A key ingredient in Alli is Orlistat, which works to help you block your fat intake. Alli will work great for you if you can’t resist high fat foods. But you need to be very cautious because if you are prone to eating high-calorie foods, you can automatically trigger side effects.

How Alli Works?

It is important to remember not to confuse Alli with other diet pills. This drug works as a fat blocker, not as a hunger suppressant. It essentially works by inhibiting your intestines from absorbing some of the fat that you are ingesting. Fat is broken down in your digestive tract by an enzyme called Lipase so that it can either be used or stored in the body.

Alli actually disables this enzyme so that the fat won’t be absorbed, causing it to be eliminated from the body as waste. Since your body won’t continue to store fat, any fat that you have accumulated through the years will now be metabolized by your body allowing you to lose even more weight.

You still need to reduce your fat intake during your weight loss program. Otherwise, you can experience some adverse side effects from the way Alli works, like having persistent bowel movements from too many fatty foods being eaten.

Can Alli helps me lose weight?

Can Alli helps me lose weight?It is still going to depend on you as to how much weight you can lose. On its own, Alli will help you to lose weight, but it won’t be as effective as it would be if you combined it with a good exercise routine and a low calorie diet.

However, making that first decision to take Alli to help you lose weight, you will be well on your way to having a slimmer figure and leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Most of the studies that have been done as to the effectiveness of Alli have been actually performed on Xenical. The typical amount of weight you could expect to lose with Xenical is about 4 pounds a month. Since Allie is considered to be half the dosage, it is reasonable to expect to lose around 2 pounds.

Combined with the amount of weight you will also lose as a result of effective exercise and diet, most people could expect to lose between 10 to 12 pounds a year. Obviously, this amount will be different for everybody with some losing more weight, while others will lose less.

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Alli and other weight loss programs

You can’t expect extreme results just by simply taking Alli. The drug is to be used to help you in achieving your weight loss goals, not to be responsible for doing all the work for you. Following a strict low calorie diet and have a well structured workout routine is essential for success.

If you are entering a weight loss program, you can still take Alli provided you inform the dietician so that they can come up with a meal plan that will best suit your new lifestyle. In addition, any personal trainers or gym trainers need to be informed about any drugs you are taking.

There still hasn’t been much research about the effects of taking Alli along with a hunger suppressant, so it is recommended not to do so. Always consult your physician if you are wanting to take a fat blocker along with an appetite suppressant.

Treatment effects of Alli

Lose weight with AlliWhen taking Alli, the change in your bowel movements are in fact due to the treatment working as it should be. What some people may consider side effects, the manufacturers of Alli stress that it is actually treatment effects of the drug. The most noticeable effects on your body while taking Alli will be in your bowel movements.

There may also be an oily discharge that comes from the anus when passing gas. While this isn’t painful, it can be embarrassing if you aren’t prepared, especially if the oil stains your clothing. Some users may experience diarrhea, or noticeably softer stools, and unless you feel pain along with it, this is completely normal.

Other effects include having more frequent bowel movements, in fact, sometimes there may be times that it is difficult to control it. In order to ease some of these effects, it is highly recommended for you to switch to a low-fat diet.

If you begin to experience severe side effects, stop taking Alli immediately and consult with your doctor. There have been no reports at this time of any undesirable side effects of taking Alli, so it is assumed that this medication is in fact safe to use.

Take Alli to keep your weight stable

It isn’t necessary to stop taking Alli completely once you have reached your target weight. Since many people will actually regain any weight that they have lost, you can continue taking Alli to prevent yourself from gaining back any weight that you lose.

There have been no findings of Alli losing any effectiveness after being used for an extended amount of time. But, if you feel that you are able to control your eating habits and stick to a workout routine, Alli doesn’t need to be used any further. Remember, Alli supports and encourages weight loss, but it is your own actions that will make the most difference.

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Alli could be for you

If you are generally healthy and not too overweight, then it isn’t necessary to take Alli. Even though this drug is an OTC medication, it is much better to be used by truly overweight or obese people. In addition, if you have any kind of digestive tract problem or difficulty absorbing food, you should not take this drug.

Other people who should be advised against using Alli include those who have recently had an organ transplant surgery, anyone taking blood thinners, and those with diabetes or thyroid conditions. By taking Alli in combination with a vitamin supplement like Orlistat will help to keep your body healthy and reduce the absorption of some vitamins which are fat soluble.

Alli is affordable

AlliIt isn’t necessary to spend a great deal of money to lose weight. Alli was created to be used by consumers from all walks of life. A typical starter kit will include a month’s supply of medication to help you start on your weight loss journey, along with a journal to help you monitor your progress.

Always be careful about where you are purchasing Alli. If you are offered a supply at a cheaper rate than what is offered at most reputable stores, be sure that the drug you are buying is not fake. Always buy from retailers who are authorized to sell Alli (click here for Alli official seller), for your own health and safety.

You can overcome your weight problem with just a little Alli and a whole lot of determination. Don’t wait until you are dangerously obese, order your own Alli starter kit today.

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