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1 lb – 5 lb’s per week

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Are you one of those people who feel that diets just don’t work because you always feel hungry? If so, we might have something that could be the answer to your problems – UniqueHoodia.

While our other top rated product, Proactol works by binding and removing the fat from your diet, another product called UniqueHoodia actually suppressed your appetite which can help you to stop eating as much to begin with.

UniqueHoodia might just be the product for you if you think that your biggest problem isn’t so much what you eat compared to what you eat. While Hoodia is well documented for being able to reduce food cravings, it is in fact more than just an appetite suppressant.

The reason why we recommend UniqueHoodia:

    – The ingredients have been clinically proven to help you suppress your appetite, in turn helping you lose weight

    – It is composed of real, pure South African Hoodia Goronii that has not been altered in any way

    – There is 495 mg of Hoodia in each pill, which is more than any other product on the market

    – Each box has 90 pills, again, more than any other Hoodia product

UniqueHoodia is for you because:

    – You will eat less every day because your appetite will be suppressed

    – You can reduce your calorie intake up to 2,000 calories

    – You will see maximum results thanks to the maximum potency of the drug

    – You will have fast and safe weight loss – up to 1-5 pounds each week

    – Safely and effectively stop your cravings for certain foods

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Lose weight safely – Proven weight loss

Healthy weight lossThe nomadic Sans tribe have used Hoodia Gordonii for generations. This key ingredient, which is found in UniqueHoodia works so well that it can actually help you reduce your intake of calories by up to 2,000 calories.

Not only does this help you to reach your weight loss goals faster, but it helps you save money on food while you are doing it. The ingredients found in UniqueHoodia have been proven to work effectively to suppress your appetite, reduce your calories and bring down the levels of fat in your body.

UniqueHoodia is not like any other Hoodia based product in that it contains nothing but the purest South African Hoodia Gordonii, which is the only kind that has actually been proven to work. There are no additives, fillers or lubricants – simply a effective dosage of pure Hoodia.

This can help you to relax and feel secure knowing you are not taking in any nasty chemicals or ingredients that are less than desirable. And, it means that everything in this small pill is working effectively to help you achieve your ideal weight.

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Complete money back guarantee so you can take advantage of risk-free weight loss

100% money back guaranteeThe manufacturers of UniqueHoodia are so confident in their product, that they offer a full 6 month money-back guarantee with every order you make. So, your purchase is completely risk free for your health and your wallet.

We do believe that there is no better Hoodia product available. As suggested by the name, UniqueHoodia is infact unique. There are more pills in every box and more hoodia in each pill, which ensures you have the best chance for reaching your weight loss goals than any other hoodia product.

You can expect to receive with every order:Pure hoodia

Complete 6 month money back guarantee

Exclusive offers for discounts

24 hour phone and email support

90 pills in every box

495 mg of completely pure Hoodia Gordonii
Pure hoodia
Free shipping that is fast and discreet

Since UniqueHoodia has become so popular, there is a maximum of 6 boxes allowed per customer. The reason for this is that the stock is actually going quicker than it can be supplied. As well, with the increase in media coverage of UniqueHoodia, it is expected that demand will exceed supply even more, so this limit of 6 boxes per customer may have to be lowered even more soon.

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*Discount code

Here we will explain how to apply the discount code when ordering UniqueHoodia:

Step 1

Click here to open UniqueHoodia order page on a new window

Step 2

– Enter the code UHCR10 in the e-voucher field, which will then give you the 10% discount. (This code is only valid for 4, 5 or 6 months supply)

UniqueHoodia discount


Price per box for each package

Package You get E-Voucher price per box ($) Total price ($)
1 month 1 box of UniqueHoodia $54.95 $54.95
2 months 2 box of UniqueHoodia $42.48 $84.95
3 months 3 box of UniqueHoodia $38.98 $119.95
4 months **5 box of UniqueHoodia UHCR10 $26.09 $130.45
5 months 5 box of UniqueHoodia UHCR10 $30.59 $152.95
6 months **7 box of UniqueHoodia UHCR10 $25.06 $175.46

** 4 and 6 month supplies come with a free box

p/s: The discount code above is only available for a limited time! We do apologize if you are reading this and the offer has already been pulled, as we have no idea of how long this promotion will run. Our suggestion is that if you are thinking about giving UniqueHoodia a try, there is no better time than now!

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