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One weight loss pill that has been recommendedBontril only for short term use, and that is available only with a prescription is Bontril. It is considered a controlled substance which can become addictive.

For those of you who are considering using Bontril for your weight loss, you need to speak to your doctor to be sure that it is safe for you to take.

It is a powerful drug that has very often been compared to amphetamines. This is why it is so important to understand what Bontril can do, and what potential side effects are.

How does Bontril work?

Together with suppressing your appetite, Bontril also speeds up your metabolism. This means that the calories that you are consuming are quickly being eliminated, which causes any food and fat to remain in your system for shorter periods of time, helping you to lose weight.

It is a habit forming drug, which often causes symptoms of withdrawal. It is recommended to stop taking Bontril gradually, under the supervision of your doctor. Any feelings of dependence of withdrawal should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Side effects of Bontril

One of the most common side effects of taking Bontril is insomnia. Many of the patients who take this drug experience this, which can cause the person to not have the ability to fall asleep, waking up earlier and earlier, and having trouble being able to stay asleep once they do get to sleep.

Because Bontril uses caffeine as one if its ingredients, in order to give people energy and motivation, they end up suffering with the inability to sleep. But, the caffeine can give you energy for a longer period of time during the day than you had intended, and some people may feel jittery and have difficulty with focus and concentration.

One of the larger, and more serious side effects for many people, is an increase in blood pressure since they have started taking Bontril. Since this drug is one of prolonged use, it is not advised to stop taking this drug if this happens.

In addition to many unpleasant side effects, there are also many medications that can interfere with this drug and cause serious complications. There have been many people who have not been recommended to use Bontril, so it is vital to talk to your doctor before taking this particular weight loss pill.

Final word on Bontril

Bontril can be a wonderful choice for weight loss, provided it has been prescribed by a doctor. We are hesitant to recommend buying Bontril online due to the serious nature of some of the side effects, as well as the possibility of dependence.

You can read through some of our recommended products if you are searching for an effective diet supplement that has no serious side effects, or possibility of dependence. Many of our products that we recommend are safe to use, and offer benefits of weight loss that you are looking for.

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