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One diet supplement, called Chitosan, claims to be ableExample of Chitosan productto take the cholesterol and fat which is found in your stomach and dissolve it, using their formulation that contains certain shellfish extracts like shrimp and crab.

In fact, the extract which comes from these shellfish is called Chitosan. While this may seem like some new, incredible method of losing weight, the truth is that this fiber has already been used for many patients already for as many as 30 years.

How can it help users? Well, it isn’t likely going to be able to make them slimmer in just a matter of a few weeks, as the Chitosan diet supplement manufacturers lead us to believe.

Test have only been performed on animals – not on humans!

The first product tests conducted of this product have only been done on animals. The makers of this product had visions that this supplement would revolutionize the industry, by absorbing the fat that was found in the stomach and not allowing it to gather in other areas of your body.

The initial clinical trials did seem to be promising, as some of the animals that were tested did lose some weight. But, in truth, how much weight these animals actually lost is questionable, as even the animals which were used didn’t lose the weight immediately.

However, as soon as the manufacturers realized that there was just the slightest loss of weight in the test animals, they did their best to push this product onto the shelves making claims that it would also help people with their own weight loss. The problem with all of this, is that in the initial clinical trials no tests were ever done on humans!

Research on Chitosan

Since that time, there has been much more extensive research into Chitosan which, along with many experts in the weight loss industry, conclude that this product is not anywhere near as effective in humans as the makers claim, and if you take this supplement, you should be prepared to not lose weight very quickly, if you manage to lose any at all.

One study, done by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in the late 90’s, divided participants into 2 groups. One group was given a placebo, while the other was given the 8 pills which they were all instructed to take for 4 weeks. When the study was finished, it was discovered that both groups had lost the same amount of weight.

Another doctor, Dr. Stern, who happens to be a co-founder for the American Obesity Association, also put Chitosan through some vigorous tests and studies which he was also able to conclude that the drug was not offering any kind of weight loss.

His studies even went so far as to uncover the fact that not only does Chitosan not work for weight loss, but it in fact can be harmful to your health! By dissolving many of the minerals and vitamins found in your body, which you need for optimal health, you are risking your own health by taking this product.

Conclusion on Chitosan

There really haven’t been enough investigations into this product to decide whether there are any long term harmful or serious side effects from taking this supplement. However, since Chitosan is made from shellfish extract, anyone who suffers from any kind of shellfish allergies should never take this supplement as it could be fatal.

So, the bottom line is that we can’t recommend this product as a weight loss supplement, and in fact, you should be aware that it has the potential to be more harmful for your health than good.

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