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Dietrine works as a carb blocker, which means that it interacts directly with the carbohydrates that you take in from your diet, preventing yourDietrine body from being able to absorb them. This works differently than fat blockers which involve breaking down the nutrients and fatty acids that you consume.

Carbohydrates are neutralized in this 100% natural formula, which prevents dietary starches from being digested in the body. Since Dietrine does not neutralize fiber, which is necessary to avoid constipation, this becomes very important.

Clinical Studies of Dietrine

There hasn’t been any evidence of side effects in those who were in weight loss programs and taking Dietrine. Researchers have been able to determine that this supplement works much the same as a temporary alpha amylase, which reduces starch calories absorbed in our bodies by neutralizing enzymes, but that doesn’t interfere with the carbohydrates that our body needs for digestion.

Also, since there aren’t any stimulants in the formula, it doesn’t cause any false feelings of appetite suppression. Therefore, once the person stops taking the supplement, there won’t be any drastic changes in the person’s eating habits that could cause them to regain the weight. But, the user needs to remember that Dietrine isn’t a magic pill that will allow them to be able to go back to consuming a high carb diet after they have lost the weight.

    A Quote from an Authority on the Subject

    A study conducted by Dr. Jay Udani, the medical director of the Integrative Medicine Program in the Los Angeles Northridge Hospital Medical Center resulted in the following published quote:

    “The results are encouraging, and look very promising. One of the most surprising results of the study was the impact that the starch neutralizer had on triglycerides, a form of bad cholesterol. There was a dramatic, 26-point drop in triglyceride levels, on average, for patients taking the starch neutralizer, while those on placebo averaged only an 8 point drop in triglyceride levels.”

    Also stated by Udani, “The ability of this product to reduce triglycerides may be an important adjunct in maintaining a good cardiac profile.”

Ingredients in Dietrine

The key ingredients in Dietrine are White Kidney Beans. They work along with chromium and vanadium, which are necessary for cellular metabolism in the body, but which also provide the supplement with extra benefits including inhibiting the synthesis of bad cholesterol, repairing muscle tissue, and levelling our blood sugar and overall cholesterol levels.

Even though there are some properties contained within chromium which have been controversial, with claims of disruption in metabolism, diabetes and heart disease being caused in those who have used medications containing this ingredient, there is no cause for concern.

There are many different types of chromium, and each of them will have different effects in the body. The formulation used in the Dietrine supplement is completely safe, and there have been no reported side effects to this date.

Benefits of Dietrine

Because Dietrine is a fat burner, having carbohydrate blocking abilities, the supplement is able to stop the carbs from being converted into fats after our body has digested the food we eat. Hunger is controlled by Dietrine, not suppressed, and cholesterol and blood sugar levels are kept within a healthy range.

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