“Fenphedra reviews


There is a product on the market that is specially formulated and marketed to women only called Fenphedra. According to the official website, you can buy a bottle of 69 capsules of Fenphedra for a price of $69.99. However, it isn’t made clear on the Fenphedraofficial website, or any other online sources for that matter, who the manufacturer of Fenphedra really is.

In many of the marketing materials, claims are being made that Fenphedra is a high performance supplement which has been “chemically altered” to provide the best results. We felt that this language was a bit vague, and not very helpful in helping to see what separates this supplement from the many others on the market.

Another claim that’s meaning was very unclear to us, was that it regulates the body’s “cocaine amphetamine regulatory transcript”. The featured active ingredients in this product seem to be comprised mainly of stimulants (Chocamine, which is a cocoa plant derivative, and DiCaffeine Malate).

Marketing Strategies for Fenphedra

Simply learning how it works, and seeing what all the ingredients are in this product should not be enough to convince you to try it for yourself. There are many questions and theories surrounding this supplement, and you put yourself at risk of falling for a possible scam.

Fenphedra is only being sold on the internet, mostly through eBay. While there isn’t anything wrong with eBay as a selling platform, there aren’t many other reputable supplement manufacturers who are using an auction site to sell their products.

Another very big problem with the company, Fenphedra Inc., is that they use spam emailing strategies to market their product. You need to realize that most legitimate companies will not need to resort to these tactics, and will use a more effective means of marketing their product to the consumer.

There is no contact information, and no phone number anywhere on the website, which sets off many alarm bells as to the legitimacy of this company and product. It could also indicate that if you ever have a problem with your order, or the product, you will have no means of getting in contact with them.

Conclusion on Fenphedra

When first looking, Fenphedra actually looked fairly promising. There is a list of uncommon active ingredients prominently displayed at the website, but these ingredients actually look as though they would offer as much stimulation as a regular chocolate bar. There was very little information about the manufacturer of the product, or other active ingredients provided on the website.

When compared to the many other, much more safe and effective herbal supplements available on the market, we can’t find any reason to choose Fenphedra as your weight loss supplement. Not only is there bad disclosure of actual ingredients, it seems that this product’s customer service policies are very questionable.

Fenphedra does not offer any free trial sample, and you will only get a refund for bottles that are unopened, which means if you aren’t satisfied, you will be out almost $70. We advise to always choose the products which offer better customer service, and which has been proven to have safe and effective ingredients.

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