“Hoodia Bites review


There is a constant flood of products using the Hoodia themeHoodia Bites for weight loss on the market. We have many to choose from – Hoodia diet pills, patches and liquid form supplements all claiming to offer great weight loss benefits. And now, the newest ones on the market are Hoodia sweets with a product called Hoodia Bites.

Hoodia Bites are small pieces of candy which supposedly contain the active ingredient P57 in them. We found it just a bit ironic that a piece of candy was being used as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia Bites are making very large claims, with the official website stating that it uses the “Most Fast Acting Form Of Hoodia Available”.

What are Hoodia Bites?

Hoodia Bites are yet another in a long line of products which have jumped on the Hoodia bandwagon, trying to create a product that just doesn’t work in an effort to make money. Hoodia Bites differ from the other products on the market because they are chewable, chocolate flavoured supplements which can be eaten like candy.

The official website states that you only need to take one Bite when you feel hungry, and within 5 minutes you will no longer feel hungry and you will end up consuming fewer calories. We find this statement a bit of a stretch.

Most Hoodia Gordonii products need to have at least 1000mg of Hoodia Gordonii in them to make them effective. Hoodia Bites contain only half as much, at 500mg, while the active ingredient they are boasting over, P57, is in such small amounts that it simply won’t help with weight loss.

Unrealistic Statements by Hoodia Bites

Yet another claim that is simply unbelievable is stated on the official website. Their “fast acting and long-lasting” statement raises concerns when they say that your feelings of hunger will completely vanish within 5 minutes of taking a Hoodia Bite supplement, completely eliminating snacking and overeating.

When compared to other clinically proven supplements containing Hoodia Gordonii, which take anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes to start working, while having at least two times the amount of the active ingredient P57, we find it impossible to believe that something with only half the amount of the ingredient can work in just a fraction of the time.

Hoodia Bites are not medically approved

If you want to determine whether a product contains authentic Hoodia Gordonii. in any Hoodia product, you only need to look to the certification on the product. There is a whole section dedicated to going over exactly what certification this product has at the official website for Hoodia Bites.

The page starts off explaining about the many fake Hoodia products which are on the market, and that certification is necessary to prove whether a product is authentic or not. What we found very ironic, was that nowhere on their site do the manufacturer’s display any certification about the authenticity of Hoodia Bites!

There is some mention about tests that were performed through an independent company, but the company which is listed is not one that is considered to be a well-known Hoodia Gordonii laboratory.

Do we recommend Hoodia Bites?

We have a hard time recommending a gimmick when health needs to be considered. There is no clinical proof that the products work as they claim, and although there may only be 10 calories in Hoodia Bites, with only minute amounts of Hoodia present, we just don’t see how they could possibly offer any benefit towards suppressing your appetite.

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