“Hoodia Rush review


Hoodia RushAnother ephedra free herbal appetite suppressant diet supplement that has come on the market is called Hoodia Rush. It is another of the many Hoodia products that are available claiming to curb your appetite and help you decrease your caloric intake up to 1000 calories per day. These claims go further to say that you could potentially lose up to 2 pounds each week.

It is very important to realize that many Hoodia supplements on the market are not pure, and that they are actually filled with many ingredients that really don’t do anything for weight loss. Anyone who is selling Hoodia products without the C.I.T.E.S. permit on their site, which proves their authenticity, should be avoided.

An international agreement between governments, C.I.T.E.S. stands for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The aim of this certification is to make sure that any international specimens of animals and plants being traded won’t threaten their survival.

How Does Hoodia Rush Work?

Hoodia Rush claims to work by suppressing your appetite safely and naturally without giving any unpleasant side effects. For up to 6 hours after taking a dose, the Hoodia will work to block your hunger receptor areas in your brain.

The food will still smell, look and taste the same as before – you just don’t have the desire to eat it anymore. Some users have claimed to be able to lose up to 8 pounds a month without needing exercise because they have been able to eat much less than before.

It is suggested that Hoodia contains a molecule that is actually about 10,000 times more active than glucose which travels to your brain, telling your nerve cells to fire as though you were already full. But, you haven’t had to eat anything and you don’t even want to eat.

Beware of false statements by manufacturers

Hoodia plantThere are over 13 different kinds of hoodia species, but the only one with appetite suppressant qualities is the gordonii species. So, if a product is authentic, and one that will work as it claims for weight loss, the ingredients listed should always have “Hoodia Gordonii”, not just “Hoodia”.

It is not necessary to buy products labelled “100% natural hoodia”. It may be completely natural, but there is no indication of what species of hoodia it is. The truth is, Hoodia Rush is guilty of doing this.

Even though it is true that this product contains 1000 mg of Hoodia in each pill, because the ingredients are made up of a combination of other Hoodia species plants – not the appetite suppressing Hoodia Gordonii – you won’t see the weight loss results you are hoping for.

In addition, the official Hoodia Rush site claims that they are using pure Hoodia Gorndoii by displaying the C.I.T.E.S. certificate, but when we tried to click on the screenshot to enlarge it, nothing shows up. So, the truth of these claims is in question.

The final word on Hoodia Rush

You will pay $69.95 for one box of Hoodia Rush, and it contains just 30 capsules. Because Hoodia Gordonii is rare, it can be difficult to export making true Hoodia Gordonii products more expensive. However, in the case of Hoodia Rush, it just isn’t worth the price because it is not an authentic Hoodia Gordonii product.

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