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You certainly can’t help but get excited over the variety of weight loss products available on the diet market today. No matter what you are looking for to help you with your weight loss needs, you will likely find a large number of choices to search through.Hoodia Shot One of the choices on the market is called Hoodia Shot.

The first thing that you need to realize about this particular supplement is that it isn’t in capsule or tablet form, but actually is a liquid energy drink. Not only does it claim to suppress your hunger, but it also claims to increase your energy levels.

The official website sells one bottle of Hoodia Shot for $3.99, or you can get 19 bottles for $75.81. If ordering the larger amount, you can get an additional 18 bottles for free.

Customer Service

When you try to navigate away from the Hoodia Shot website without buying anything, you will have a pop-up window open asking you to talk to their “live” agent about the product. We decided to try asking the “live” agent some questions through the chat feature, but as we suspected, it wasn’t really a “live” agent – it is an automated chat script. Eventually after a few minutes of useless information from them, you will get a customer service phone number you can use.

We called the customer service line to ask for the list of ingredients in Hoodia Shot. The agent who answered put us on hold for over 5 minutes, leaving us to wonder if we had been disconnected as we sat in complete silence. When she did come back, she wasn’t able to answer our questions about Hoodia Shot.

The Hoodia Shot Guarantee – or not

There are no specifics given on the Hoodia Shot website about their “satisfaction guaranteed” policy. When we asked the customer service agent we were talking to about the guarantee with Hoodia Shot, she informed us that since everyone reacts differently to every product, they can’t offer any kind of guarantee.

We let her know what it said on the website, and she tried to brush it off by changing the subject. She eventually informed us that they will only offer refunds on bottles which are unopened.

Price of Hoodia Shot

The cost per bottle of Hoodia Shot is $3.99 per bottle, with a discount offered for bulk purchases. The website doesn’t make any mention that each bottle lasts just one day, meaning that a one month supply would cost up to $123 a month!

This is an outrageous price for this product! The only ingredient that is proven to work is caffeine, and Hoodia Shot doesn’t disclose how much caffeine is actually in the product. We feel that you would be wasting your money on this product, and would be better off with an already proven alternative.

Conclusion on Hoodia Shot

As most of us are already aware, Hoodia Gordonii is a very common active ingredient used in diet products these days. Even though it has been claimed to curb your hunger, and reduce your need for snacking, there is no clinical evidence seen on the Hoodia Shot website to support their own claims.

In addition, this site doesn’t offer any stories of success or user testimonials, and the 100 percent guarantee is not clearly defined and explained. So, we feel that this particular Hoodia based product falls short on its claims, and we would advise that you choose a product that is already proven to work, at a lower price and with a complete guarantee backing it up.

The only Hoodia based product that we
would heartily recommend