“LIPObind reviews

Similar to Proactol,LIPObind LIPObind is a fat binder pill that has recently become very popular, especially in the United Kingdom. LIPObind launched near the end of 2006 and is now available for purchase at many reputable online retailers and pharmacies in the UK.

According to the official Lipobind website, this fat binder supplement can help us to bind up to 27% of our excess fat by helping us to decrease our food cravings.

What this means is that without needing to change your diet, you can expect to see the effect from only about three quarters of the fat you normally consume. The remaining quarter will be bound and then eliminated from the body as waste.

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How LIPObind works

LIPObind helps to absorb dietary fats with hydrophobic interactions that are not reversible. This stops the pancreatic lipase from working to digest the fats into even smaller amounts that can end up being absorbed through the wall of the small intestine.

The complex becomes too large to be able to be absorbed in the intestine when the LIPObind binds the dietary fats in the stomach. This allows these fats to be naturally eliminated from the body.

When LIPObind is ingested, the soluble fibre complex will expand into a stable fluid gel. This gel slows the rate that food is able to leave the stomach, minimizing the rapid rise in blood sugar in the body known as a “sugar spike”.

The viscous complex will delay the emptying of gastric contents by means of a bulking effect, as well as by increasing the texture of stomach contents. This works to offer a longer period of feeling full, and lowering the desire for food after eating a meal.

LIPObind also reduces dietary cholesterol which helps to reduce overall cholesterol levels in the body. And, it forms a complex that is needed for digesting fat with bile acids already in the body. This results in the liver using additional cholesterol to make more bile acid that can be used to replace any that has already been passed through the body with LIPObind.

LIPObind Ingredients

LIPObind is made mainly with cactus extract, but also contains these other ingredients: silica, povidone, magnesium stearate (Ph Eur), calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate and microcrystalline cellulose.

Although LIPObind can cause some minor stomach discomfort in some people, there are no reported dangerous side effects from the ingredients in this supplement.

The truth about LIPObind

The truth about LIPObindCan you lose weight just with LIPObind? Likely not. As with many supplements, LIPObind is likely only to boost your dieting efforts if you eat around 5 to 9 times a day and exercise regularly. In fact, ASA has banned LIPObind from making the excess fat binding claims. (Click here to read the story)

So, even though LIPObind has stated that it could work to bind up to 27% of undigested fat in our bodies, it is not going to work like that in reality. Clinical studies reveal that LIPObind is not a fraud – it does work as a fat binder that will help you to decrease your food cravings.

But, most people won’t see the results they are expecting because LIPObind will not work properly. While it might be alright to use this product to manage and control weight issues, it isn’t likely that it will help you to lose many pounds.

While LIPObind is a good enough diet pill, it is by no means the best one available on the market. The ASA ban doesn’t work in their favour. We offer other suggestions for effective weight loss, like other well known and effective fat binders like Proactol or supplements that act as appetite suppressants, like UniqueHoodia.

Lipobind is not a supplement for super-fast weight loss. It might not help you to lose weight at the rate that the seller claim. However, with Lipobind you can experience slow but healthy weight loss.

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