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You can lose weight fast by using the miracle drug, Lipocerin. The manufacturers of this drug have admitted that regular exercise and eating a smaller quantity of food are also essential in order to benefit from the effective results of the drug’s usage. According to them, Lipocerin, acting as an appetite suppressant and energy booster, will easily help you in your weight-loss efforts.

Phytopharm and Chromnium Picolinate are the vitalLipocerin ingredients of Lipocerin. Both of these components has had favourabe results in testing. In 2001, British researchers studied Phytopharm, otherwise known as “hoodia extract”.

Certain male test subjects were administered Phytopharm for 15 days, during a clinical trial, while others were given a placebo. Fewer calories were consumed by those who were given Phytopharm (a.k.a. Hoodia extract). They also exhibited a marked reduction in body fat.

In order to ascertain the effect of Chromium Picolinate on the insulin levels of 29 test subjects, this drug was studied in 1999. As it was a clinical trial, some subjects were given a placebo. At the end of the 8-month study, researchers found that the drug had a positive effect on insulin sensitivity. The subjects were able to tolerate insulin in a better way, though there was no fat or weight loss observed in the subjects.

Is Lipocern Really Effective?

So, what results can you expect from taking this drug? Is it really a miracle drug, as heralded by users and others? Can it aid you in your weight-loss struggles? These questions are difficult to answer. It’s not entirely clear what the composition of hoodia is in the proprietary formula. Therefore, one cannot know whether the same amount was used in the clinical trials.

If the drug contains a significantly lesser quantity of hoodia, it might not result in the same benefits as were observed in the trial. One must also know whether the hoodia extract used in the drug is of the same quality as that used in the clinical trial. This is because the effectiveness of the supplement may differ substantially and depends on which type of plant, or from which part of the plant, the hoodia is extracted from.

The producers of Lipocern are also trying to exploit the positive clinical trials of the almond nut. As almonds contain mono-unsaturated fats, they can potentially help dieters to lose weight by making them feel satisfied and full, leading to them perhaps eating less and, subsequently, consuming fewer calories.

The amount of almond nut contained in the pills may significantly affect your hunger levels. However, it is impossible to know this for sure because the ingredient amounts are proprietary.

Will Lipocern be Right for You?

Before arriving at the conclusion that Lipocern is the right drug for you, you must try to control your weight and consult your primary-care physician, in order to be on the safe side. Only in this way can you know for certain whether the supplements and pills will interact or perhaps even counteract the vitamins and medications that you currently take.

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