“NanoSLIM review


Marketed as a fat burning supplement, NanoSlim is a weight loss pill that is said to be the tiniest weight loss supplement. To you,NanoSlim that may seem strange but a lot of people complain about the size of weight loss tablets.

NanoSlim is taken once a day and is considered a “micro-tablet” by the makers. NanoSlim is relatively unpopular, but the knowledge of it is growing.

It is relatively obvious that the clinical journal that is referred to during promotion has yet to be located by the consumers and there is no information as to who did the research or what the variables were. This may be something that you may want to think about before you purchase the product.

The Ingredients found in NanoSlim

Banaba: Banaba is scientifically known as Lagerstroemia speciosa is known as the most promising ingredient found within the NanoSlim diet pill. Found in the Philippines, Banaba is commonly used as a herbal remedy for diabetes.

It has been studied and found to have helped in lowering blood sugar levels, which is a promising detail you if you are diabetic. It is also a preventative measure to help insure that you don’t get diabetes.

Green Coffee Extract: This extract is also known as GCBE and has been found to be at least slightly beneficial when it comes to weight loss. Green coffee extract can be helpful in delaying the absorption of fat cells. This when combined with the metabolic boosting compounds helps you lose the weight and keep it from coming back. (http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1513603)

Fucus Vesiculosus: Fucus Vesiculosus is also known as brown algae and is used in NanoSlim because of the iodine content. The iodine helps your thyroid perform to the best of its abilities and helps a lot to keep your energy up. However, there haven’t been many studies when it comes to Fucus Vesiculosus so it can all seem like hear say.

What Proof is there that NanoSlim actually Does Work?

In all honesty, there is no real proof that NanoSlim can work for you. You would probably benefit from a good long talk with your physician before you run out and buy this product and while the NanoSlim website brags about a study that worked so well, there is no such study published.

What this means is that the study was probably done privately, and therefore may not have followed regulations that your community has set forth.

NanoSlim offers financial compensation and free products to those who will give successful and positive reviews of their product on their website. This allows us as consumers to tell that the endorsements you see are paid, and that should send up red flags for you as a consumer, and at least discount the reviews offered directly from NanoSlim.

The Bottom Line on NanoSlim

It has become obvious that the primary benefits of NanoSlim come from the Banaba leaf extracts. NanoSlim is not however the first weight loss supplement that uses Banaba leaf extracts, and that means it isn’t all that unique.

The best result that you are most likely going to see from NanoSlim is a blood sugar balance, which can be helpful but doesn’t always lead to significant weight loss.

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