“Noxycut review


There is yet another weight loss supplement on the market making outrageous claims of incredible results, without you needing to do anything to help the process at all, called Noxycut. Like so many others, the Food and Drug Administration have neither denied nor confirmed any of the claims that are being made by the manufacturers of this supplement.

In truth, it would take the FDA close to a hundredNoxycut years and hundreds of thousands of paid researchers working around the clock to test the claims being made by all the over the counter weight loss pills on the market. It really is not a smart strategy to wait for FDA approval for any product.

So, where does that leave the consumer who wants to do the research and be sure of the product they are about to take? Without the FDA offering their opinion about whether the claims made by Noxycut are true, how can you find out whether there is any truth to their claims of being able to lose tremendous amounts of weight with increased muscle mass, without having to do much weight lifting?

Noxycut Ingredients

One of the first things you can examine are the ingredients found in this supplement. The first ingredient listed on their official website is Tribulus terrestris. This has also been called Goathead, and it is a popular ingredient found in other over the counter dietary and sexual assistance drugs.

Tribulus terrestris is an ingredient which is believed to be able to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. According to the manufacturers of Noxycut, this increase is enough for you to be able to notice a difference in your testosterone levels in your body, but because it has actually been found to increase the levels in such a small amount, it is hard to believe this claim.

Caffeine is also found in Noxycut, which is a known stimulant. This ingredient can help to increase your metabolism and your energy levels. When consumed in healthy amounts, such as having your morning coffee, caffeine can make a noticeable, temporary increase in your energy levels, but it doesn’t increase your metabolism to the point that people are running out and consuming a diet of coffee.

Instead, the levels are increased only minimally. Unless there is enough caffeine contained in the product to also cause feelings of weakness, dizziness, sickness and heart palpitations, it most likely does not have enough caffeine to cause significant weight loss either.

The ingredient believed to help with muscle building is called creatine ethyl ester. Creatine does in fact help to build muscle, since it is a basic element in a muscle. This is why plants and other vegetation do not have creatine in their make-up. There have been some degenerative muscle diseases which have shown some small improvements after being treated with creatine.

But, at this point, using creatine in a weight loss and muscle building supplement has not been approved or supported, because there has not been sufficient studies into the safety of the product. It is still in the testing phase.

Final words on Noxycut

As with any supplement, even if you believe that there is enough evidence to support the effectiveness and safety of the product, you should never just go ahead and try any product, including Noxycut, without consulting a physician.

Your doctor can tell you if they believe there are any possible dangers to taking the supplement, and whether they feel it is a good product for you to be taking for your weight loss needs.

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