“Nuphedragen product review

If you are searching the market for a weight loss supplement that can give you increased motivation and energy, you might have considered giving Nuphedragen a try.

Nuphedragen claims to suppress your appetite, helping to give you more motivation to eat a nutritious and well balanced diet. It also claims to give you more energy to exercise, which helps you to achieve your overall weight loss goals.

Ingredients in Nuphedragen

Synephrine. Synephrine is a chemical relation to ephedra, the ingredient that was once in such high demand. It is believed that synephrine is derived from citrus aurantium, a great fat burner that helps to see fast results in losing weight. However, since there is not much clinical evidence about the efficiency and safety of Citrus aurantium, it is not possible to make any real claims.

Various databases and search collaborations that have conducted studies do not back up the tall claims made by Nuphedragen, and they say that rapid weight loss with substantial results cannot be guaranteed with herbal safety. However, this doesn’t mean that the product should not be considered and experimented to see how the ingredients work.

Phenylethylamine. Do you love chocolate? Most of us do. And, many enjoy the typical feeling of “highness” that is experienced after eating really good chocolate. Phenylethylamine is responsible for this incredible phenomenon. It is an amphetamine type of chemical compound that is supposed to work by increasing the metabolism in the body and helping to burn fat faster.

But, since monamine oxidase enzymes in the body will metabolize phenylethylamine preventing even the smallest amounts from getting into the blood stream, it is not an accurate assumption that this will be much of an effective fat burner.

When adding phenylethylamine to any weight loss product, it is important to also add natural monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) to prevent metabolism, allowing fat to burn faster. But, it is important to note that Nuphedragen doesn’t contain any of these inhibitors.

Chocamine. This is extracted from a cocoa plant, and is one of the ingredients that really does help to burn fat. The methylxanthines that are present act similar to caffeine. Biogenic amines are neurotransmitter related compounds. In addition, there are also phytonutrients, amine acids and minerals that will aid in the fat burning process.

DiCaffeine Maleate. In the caffeine product, this is actually one of the best ingredients. The combination of caffeine and malic acid works very well for burning fat and losing weight. In addition, the combination is easily absorbed in the stomach, and is not heavy like many other ingredients. Again, clinical evidence is not sufficient to prove that there is augmentation in the fat burning process when malic acid is added.

Bottom line on Nuphedragen

After reviewing the ingredients and properties in Nuphedragen, we were able to conclude that the caffeine present in the product itself does have some good fat burning properties, which have been supported by studies and many clinical trials.

One thing we did not like about Nuphedragen is that it doesn’t offer refunds for any open bottles. What this means is that by the time you determine that the product isn’t working for you, it will be too late to get any refund.

It is important to do your own research into any products in the weight loss market, and after weighing out the pros and cons, give Nuphedrine a try only if you are completely satisfied with the reviews you have seen.

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