“Orovo Detox review


There is yet another product that we have reviewed that makesOrovo seemingly miraculous claims of helping to lose weight, reduce fine lines and wrinkles – even going so far as promising to make you look younger. The name of the product is Orovo Detox.

After an Oprah Winfrey show that featured Dr. Nicholas Perricone revealing 10 “super foods, there has been much hype over the products that have been created. Out of these 10 super foods, an entire line of products were created claiming to be able to detoxify the body, help with weight loss and clear up skin problems like acne.

How would a simple pill be able to do all of this – and would only 2-4 tablets a day really be enough to live up to these claims? There have been conflicting results, with some claiming that it does work – but many have also claimed that at least one of the desired outcomes weren’t achieved.

Side effects of Orovo

One of the biggest and most commonly reported side effects from using Orovo is excessive urination. Since Orovo is a detoxifier that works to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, these toxins are going to be eliminated through the urine. Even though this may be the only indication that the product is actually working, it can still be very inconvenient, not to mention unpleasant.

Orovo also causes excessive thirst due to the fact that the pill works by flushing the system completely, requiring more bodily fluids to accomplish this. So, the increased drinking will also lead to the need to urinate more frequently.

However, simply sipping on a bit more water throughout the day hoping to quench your thirst isn’t going to be enough. It is recommended that anyone taking this product should be drinking no less than a gallon of water every day while taking Orovo. Many users have suffered from nausea, excessive gas and diarrhea during the first few days of taking Orovo.

The manufacturers of the product do not deny the possibility of these symptoms occurring, and even though some users find some relief from these symptoms after the first 2-3 days, many others have found that these unpleasant side effects remained with them through the remainder of the treatment.

Another common side effect is sleeplessness because of the fact that there is green tea added to the product. It is not recommended for users to take an Orovo supplement before bedtime.

Final word on Orovo

Orovo DetoxIn truth, we can’t recommend Orovo for anyone, because we feel that the product has been way overrated. Orovo, and many other similar products such as Leptoprin and Lipovox are so heavily advertised on the internet that it has become harder to determine fact from fiction.

Some review sites even go so far as to put Orovo on their “best of” diet pills list. If you were to dig deeper, it would be revealed that, in many of these cases, these sites are working directly with the company, so what they are reporting may not be entirely accurate.

Also contributing to the ridiculous claims being put out there about Orovo Detox, is that fact that it is being sold as an MLM home business opportunity that pays out on a 6X6 referral system.

Doing the proper research into any weight loss product is always important, and when there is this much hype over any product, it becomes even more important to separate truth from fiction.

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