“Xenadrine EFX review


Cytodine, which is a well know manufacturer of many dietary supplements on the market, has another product called Xenadrine EFX. This supplement has received national attention over the past few years due to the endorsements by celebrities, as well as the claims they are making that the supplement is scientifically proven to help people lose weight.

By Xenadrine EFXlooking into the product, you are told that you can expect to see a reduction in your appetite by 32%, while cutting down on fatigue by up to 60%. There are also claims of other thermogenic properties which offer benefits that are similar.

An ephedra free supplement that has been used by many consumers, Xenadrine EFX has had endorsements by celebrities over the past five years which has led a large part to its success.

The blend of the supplement, which they claim is a thermogenic blend of ingredients proven to be effective, might reveal how true the claims are, and the real potential of this product. You can buy Xenadrine EFX online for about $34.00 for one 120ct. bottle. There is also a smaller 90ct bottle, but it has been found to be more difficult to buy due to lack of availability.

How does Xenadrine EFX work?

The supplement inhibits the body from storing fat, meaning that while you are burning more calories than you might normally, your body won’t be holding on the extra fat cells that would be expected if not taking Xenadrine.

A very popular term coming into the weight loss market is thermogenics, and this is the science behind this supplement. But, Xenadrine has been using this within its formula for many years already. The body’s production of heat is increased with thermogenics, which helps to burn all the extra calories consumed by your body.

These extra calories are burned more when the body is exercising and working out, and even though calories are burned during times of rest, it is only because the body has already been exercised. This is one of the reasons that Xenadrine is very popular with bodybuilders because they are frequently working out.

Possible side effects of Xenadrine EFX

In truth, Xenadrine is one of the few weight loss supplements on the market that come with very few side effects. The most noticeable side effect you will see with taking the supplement is the large increase in energy that will be noticeable as soon as you start taking it.

Some people have noted spots that have shown up on their skin when they were taking Xenadrine, but these spots went away after they stopped taking the pill. The supplement contains the ingredient tyrosine, which is responsible for slight changes in pigmentation. But, these spots are mild and aren’t any real cause for concern.

Conclusion on Xenadrine EFX

Although Xenadrine EFX has celebrity endorsement backing it, along with a formula which is recognized nationally, a closer look does reveal a few issues. Proprietary blends are well known to include smaller portions of ingredients in order to make claims that might not be true.

There are so many diet supplements on the market today that there are much better alternatives which have been proven to work and have the backing of scientific research.

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