“Zantrex-3 review


Zantrex-3Zantrex-3 is a diet supplement that claims to work 5 times better than other pills on the market that use ephedra, and it is available without a prescription.

Not only that, but Zantrex-3 claims that it can help you not just with losing fat, but will give you increased metabolism, leaner muscles and higher levels of energy.

Further claims by Zantrex-3 are that it can help you to battle depression, improve your overall mood and help to keep your body balanced mentally as well as physically. All of these claims seem like a lot more than many of the other diet pills on the market, but how does it actually work, is it effective and of course the most important thing – is it safe?

It is claimed by those marketing Zantrex and Zantrex-3 that it is an ephedrine-based supplement that has this compound working as an appetite suppressor. Zantrex-3 also has a blend of zanthine-based tonic that gives the user much needed energy.

However, one should realize that all of this is done without the pill actually containing any of the substances that have potential risks such as ma huang, ephedrine or derivatives of ephedra.

How Zantrex-3 works

Zantrex works based on ephedrine, which is an herbal suppressant that was once prohibited due to the undesirable effects it had on the body, like cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. In conjunction with xanthine, ephedrine is supposed to give the user a boost of energy to help them get through a workout regime while on or off a strict diet.

Side effects of Zantrex-3

For individuals with pre-existing health conditions, use of this supplement is discouraged because of the high levels of caffeine that are contained in each Zantrex-3 pill. Even though the supplement may work well as a fat burner, many users experience at least one of the following side effects:

  • increased heart rate
  • the “jitters” which cause nervousness and increased sweating
  • the tendency for the body to crash after coming off the supplement
  • addictive properties of caffeine
  • elevated blood pressure
  • nausea, stoma ache and diarrhea
  • restlessness and irritability
  • incontinence or frequent urination because of the diuretic properties found in caffeine
  • difficult to control shaking and cold sweats

The Real Score on Zantrex or Zantrex-3

CaffeineBy just going through a list of all ingredients included in these supplements, one that always comes up is caffeine.

Each pill has an estimate of 3 to 4 cups of coffee worth of caffeine dosage. If the person taking the supplement is sensitive to caffeine, they can experience a feeling of the jitters after taking a pill. It is also recommended that anyone who drinks alcohol should reduce their intake before taking these supplements.

Since caffeine is very well known for its addictive properties, anyone who takes these supplements should be prepared for the possibility of substance addiction, especially if they are vulnerable to addictions of any kind.

There are many other supplements that have the same claims as Zantrex or Zantrex-3. But, the general advice that is given for those thinking of taking Zantrex-3 is to take everything about their health into consideration before deciding to take these supplements.

While the marketers may make claims to the contrary, it is possible to achieve weight loss through a healthy diet plan and disciplined exercise.

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