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The makers of Lipobind fat binders, a UK based company called Goldshield Limited, have come forward with a new appetite suppressant named Appesat. This supplement can be purchased online without a prescription in the UK and USA. You can also buy it in some stores in theAppesat review UK as well.

Where Appesat is different isthat it is made from the extract of seaweed (Laminaria digitata) which has been harvested off the French coast. Most other natural appetite suppressants have been made using plant extracts.

The active ingredient present in the supplement is called Bioginate Complex, which is a patented fiber complex that has been through vigorous clinical studies, and developed to resist the bile and acid in your stomach allowing it to stay active for many hours.

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Does Appesat Work?

There aren’t many, (if there are any at all), negative reviews or comments pointing to Appesat, which leads us to believe that the signs are fairly positive at this time. We will have to come back at a later time to see how the product is holding up over time.

One factor we did not like with Appesat is that the sellers are not clearly stating how the pills actually work and help with weight loss. The report covering the clinical study carried out in 2002, which you can download from their official web site, only talks about the participants being given CM3 capsules before meals.

These capsules are different pills made from seaweed – there is nothing stated about the effectiveness of the Appesat supplement itself.

Side Effects of Appesat

If taken as directed, there should not be any harmful side effects from Appesat. As the supplement is fairly new on the market, it has been suggested that any potential problems will not have been documented so far. However, the pills work to suppress your appetite by swelling your stomach to make it appear full, so there is the potential to experience some stomach upset.

Appesat Prices – Not a great selling feature!

One box of supplements, which consists of 50 pills, will cost $60 (30 pounds in the UK). The recommended dose for the first month is 9 pills each day, with 8 pills a day in the second month, and 7 per day for the third month. This means that one box will only last for one week. You will need 4 boxes of supplements in the first month alone – costing you about $240 a month to take Appesat.

Is Appesat Recommended?

Tentatively, we would have to say no. Since Appesat has only recently joined the market, there is no clinical proof ensuring its safety or efficiency, no user feedback is available, side effects are not known at this time and of course one of the biggest factors against it – the cost! At an average price of $240 a month, it is a very costly supplement compared to many others on the market which have already been proven to work effectively.

All in all, Appesat could very well become one of the better appetite suppressants on the market, and offer safe and effective weight loss. Genuine Hoodia Gordonii is a long standing and well proven appetite suppressant which has been in existence and used for hundreds of years. There are decades of clinical evidence accumulated, and a tremendous amount of weight loss success stories backing up the claims.

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