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Another weight loss supplement which has been on the market for a few years is called Dexatrim. Many people have heard of this supplement because of the recalls it has had by the FDA for having ingredients which were considered to be harmful to your health.

One of the recalls occurred in 2001 for containing the ingredientDexatrim phenylpropanolamine. This ingredient was actually one that was being used in many over the counter nasal congestion medications, as well as weight loss supplements. It worked by speeding up metabolism in the body as well as the heart rate.

The FDA felt that this ingredient increased the user’s chance of stroke, so they recalled it. Then, in 2002, Dexatrim was recalled again by the FDA for containing the ingredient ephedra. There were many diet supplements at that time pulled by the FDA because of the ingredient putting users at high risk for strokes and heart attacks, and even some deaths which were linked to the use of this ingredient.

The Dexatrim supplement keeps coming back on the market with what they claim are better and improved ingredients. The diet supplement today contains a combination of herbal supplements and vitamins that are meant to increase your metabolism, burn fat and raise and maintain levels of glucose in your body. These ingredients are meant to work by controlling hunger.

Ingredients in Dexatrim

The first ingredient listed in Dexatrim is bitter orange. This stimulant is very similar to ephedra, and can cause many of the serious side effects which ephedra was pulled from the market for. There is real concern of cardiovascular side effects when using this product, so extreme caution is advised when taking this ingredient.

The next ingredient is listed as Yohimbe Bark, which has been chewed by native Africans for many centuries to combat impotence and increase their sexual prowess. Since that doesn’t seem to apply to the use in a weight loss supplement, further studying mentions that it can also be used as an antioxidant which can help to increase the flow of blood in the arteries.

However, a downside to this is that blood pressure can be increased as well. When combined with the bitter orange ingredient that can also cause an increase in blood pressure and other heart issues, it is clear that the use of these two ingredients together needs to be clearly evaluated.

Eleuthero Root is the next ingredient, which is more commonly known as Siberian Ginseng. Ginseng is an ingredient which is used to increase feelings of well being, as well as energy levels. There are not any known serious side effects associated with this ingredient at this time.

The remaining ingredients in the primary proprietary formula are Kelp, Hesperidin and Fenugeek. These nutrients work to keep blood glucose at a stable level, and decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood. It really is not known what their exact function in regards to weight loss is.

Conclusion on Dexatrim

With the list of questionable ingredients found in this product, along with the potential side effects from taking them, it is a good idea for anyone who is considering using this supplement to do so with extreme caution. It would be recommended that you consult with your doctor to make sure it is safe, and so that they can monitor your use of the supplement.

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