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What is Ephedra?

Example of Ephedra productEphedrine, which is an extract from a plant found in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and other regions of South Asia, is the key ingredient in Ephedra Diet Pills. People in these areas have been using the plant for many years to treat ailments like hay fever and asthma.

But, the most recent use of the plant as a weight loss supplement has become so dangerous that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has actually banned its use.

Banned by FDA

In 2003, due to the many serious side effects of using the pills, the FDA suggested that taking Ephedra Diet Pills could be very dangerous to people’s health. Following this suggestion, they then carried out many tests on these pills and the findings were astonishing.

It was concluded that Ephedra Diet Pills were in fact responsible for the deaths of 157 people, which prompted the FDA to ban the use of the drug completely in 2004.

Incredibly, there are still many countries that allow for the use of these pills in some form, and there are many laws surrounding how they are used and distributed. The most common reason for the high number of deaths was discovered to be due to heart attacks, which can again be attributed to the many serious known side effects.

The only FDA-Approved diet pill is Alli


Many dangerous side effects!

One of the most harmful side effects of Ephedra is its tendency to cause an irregular heartbeat. At times, it can cause the heart to beat very rapidly, placing too much stress on it. The heart then is at risk of simply stopping after being overworked.

Another potential risk when using Ephedra is seizures. These can cause a great deal of physical or mental harm if they happen, as often during a seizure, there is extreme jerking in many parts of the body, as well as loss of consciousness. Seizures can even lead to possible heart attacks if they are not treated promptly, and in severe cases, death.

Ephedra is also responsible for high blood pressure. Even though this side effect is often common with weight loss supplements, due to the strain that is already on the heart when taking Ephedra, in this case it can easily become life-threatening.

Some of the deaths that occurred were a result of the person having high blood pressure while taking the drug, and believing that is was a normal side effect, they didn’t report it to their doctors. The result was a much more serious problem than they anticipated.

There are also many other less severe side effects which can go along with Ephedra use, such as insomnia, anxiety and drug dependence.

Do we recommend Ephedra to you?

No! We feel the risks of using Ephedra are much too high, especially for the short-term weight loss that you will achieve. There are so many other diet pills available that are a much better alternative, which work better and are safer.

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