“Leptoprin review


If you are one of the millions of people who are searching for weight loss supplements every day, you will likely have come across the namesLeptoprin Leptopril and Leptoprin. Even though it might be easy to get these names mixed up and feel confused, in truth they are actually the same.

The original product is Leptoprin, which was sold by A. G. Waterhouse. Originally, when this product was being sold, there were 2 different forms available – Leptoprin, (which had no stimulants) and Leptoprin-SF, (which had a stimulant added).

After some drastic changes happening at the company in 2007, the stimulant version of the product was no longer available. The generic version of the product is Leptopril, which has no stimulant. It is made by the same company, and is sold to a different consumer base.

Effectiveness of Leptoprin

The original product, Leptoprin, came onto the market with a large advertising campaign on television and radio. The manufacturer said that this product was the “total weight loss control for people who are significantly overweight”.

The huge claims being made sounded so amazing, but at the same time, very unrealistic. In addition, Leptoprin is considered to be one of the most expensive diet pills ever to be marketed, with a one month supply costing up to $153.00.

Even with the huge advertising campaigns, this product failed to be able to show any positive results to users. It is common for many popular weight loss pills such as Alli, Unique Hoodia or Proactol to get at least a few negative reviews, because no product will work the same for everyone.

However, these pills also receive many more positive reviews, so it is safe to say that these products do work as they are claiming. Leptoprin, however, received so many negative reviews, that any positive ones that might exist have been completely overshadowed. And, there hasn’t been any proof that anyone has ever lost weight losing Leptoprin.

Leptoprin was accused by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to be a scam weight loss product. (Read FTC statement here) The FTC said that this product, which uses ephedra, does not do anything at all to help you lose weight.

The manufacturers of the product did not want to give up though, so they came out with the new Leptoprin-SF, which contained new ingredients. But, with all the negative publicity surrounding this product, people just do not have any trust in this product anymore.

Leptoprin – one of the most expensive weight loss supplements on the market!

One thing that has consistently made users angry, along with the lack of results, is the price. Since a one month supply costs more than $150.00, people expect to see results. At most, you might be able to lose between 1-3 pounds per month, but for this amount of money, it just is not worth it.

We don’t recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose weight. There are much more effective products available on the market, which will work so much better – for a lot less money!

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