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There is a turn towards some fat burners using components such as bitter orange extract, green tea, and caffeine, as seen in MetaboFire. This product represents a diet supplement which is designed to suppress the appetite before burningMetaboFire fat.

The company feels that MetaboFire is a worthy substitute for the product Bontril, with less negative effects than other products on the market.

The official website boasts about the fast results that are seen with their supplement, as well as their free trial offer. However, there are many things that they don’t disclose, making sure that only those who are truly dedicated to researching the product will ever search the site and read the fine print.

Core Components of MetaboFire

Included in MetaboFire is a proprietary recipe called Advantra Z. It is claimed to imitate the effects of ephedrine without the negative impact. It also includes garcinia cambogia for suppressing the appetite, along with a mixture of ginseng for boosting energy levels and increasing heart rate.

The use of garcinia cambogia will help to decrease your appetite while eliminating the cravings. A large appetite is normally a challenge for dieters so many people turn to this supplement in hopes of decreasing their desire for food. However, most of these people then return to their former habits of over-eating as soon as the pill begins to wear off.

Ginseng and Guarana are easily found in herbal medicines, and can readily be found in energy drinks, protein shakes, snack bars and other diet supplements. They do offer a major boost of energy and will offer even more effects when they are combined with caffeine.

These components are only some of the ingredients found in Advantra Z, the proprietary formulation of MetaboFire. But the industry hasn’t defined a clear outline of the elements present in these supplements.

Watch out for MetaboFire’s claims

People are lured to the MetaboFire website with claims of this incredible product which “Sets Your Metabolism on Fire”, along with their FREE trial. They hope to make up for the lack of a money back guarantee, but every alert customer who continues through the marketing gimmicks present on the site will soon see that the free trial is just used to get people to buy their product – whether they are aware of it or not.

How the free trial works is like this: you send the company your information, and they will send you enough of the product for a 7 day, free trial. On the surface it appears that there are no catches, and the consumer is even spared paying the shipping. However, one thing that should raise a red flag immediately, is the need for provide a credit card number in order to receive the free offer.

What this ensures is that if you don’t get in touch with the company after the 7 days and ask them to stop sending you the product, they will send it automatically and continue to send it, with you being billed on the credit card you had to provide.

Do we recommend MetaboFire?

In short – no. We don’t even recommend taking advantage of the “free” trial, as it ends up making you have to jump through hoops to get the product to stop shipping to you even if you aren’t happy with it.

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