“Neo Synephrine review


Ever since the ban of the drug Ephedra, manufacturers of weight-loss supplements have been eagerly seeking a replacement. There have been claims from manufacturers pertaining to certain drugs which are claimed to function as effectively as Ephedra, though without the signature ingredient, Ephedra itself. One such drug is Synephrine. Neo Synephrine

Synephrine is otherwise referred to as “bitter orange”. Similar to Ephedra, it is a stimulant. By giving the user more energy, it can induce them to exercise more, burn calories and shed unwanted extra weight.

They can also burn more calories while exercising, or resting, as this supplement can boost their metabolism. In addition, Synephrine can also act as an appetite suppressant while being safer than Ephedra.

Synephrine is safer than Ephedra

Synephrine is better than Ephedra in that it neither constricts your blood vessels nor does it impact your cardiovascular system in a negative fashion. However, in people suffering from certain problems such as heart disease, it can bring about a slight increase in blood pressure which could prove fatal.

This does not mean, however, that Synephrine is thus suitable for all other people. The Food and Drug Administration is not in a position to test and review each and every new supplement ingredient prior to its introduction into the market. This implies that any new supplement could contain what may constitute potentially dangerous ingredients.

Though both Ephedra and Synephrine are proven to contain 300 mg of caffeine, Ephedra has been further proven better in terms of performance. Even if you have started taking Synephrine after having seen the success rate of Ephedra, you must not be misled into believing that both provide exactly the same, or even similar, results.

Though you may indeed experience weight-loss with Synephrine, it is not likely to be as drastic as what you experienced with the ingestion of Ephedra. Additionally, there is no guarantee in respect to Synephrine’s safety.

Consult with a doctor before you take Synephrine

You must make it a question to learn about the latest news and updates from the Food and Drug Administration regarding the potential side-effects, if any, of a drug that you have decided to go ahead and begin using. Certainly, you must also consult a physician before you start taking the diet supplement.

Furthermore, before beginning treatment with Synephrine, be sure to talk to your primary-care physician just to make sure that the drug is appropriate to your needs. Being intimately familiar with your ongoing case file, your physician will be best able to advise you regarding the drug’s suitability after considering your history of medication use and vitamins taken.

Moreover, they may suggest alternative means of bringing about quicker weight-loss aside from taking this supplement. It is also suggested to invest in a blood-pressure monitor if you plan to start taking Synephrine as part of your weight-loss program.

Using the monitor, you can keep an eye on your blood pressure regularly and perhaps catch any early indications of complications before they develop into larger, more serious problems or real threats to your health.

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