“Solo Slim review


Ezville Ltd, which is located in New York, have another dietary supplement on the market called Solo Slim. Their company website lists information concerning all of their products. Things get a bit confusing when looking through theSolo Slim information about the particular ingredients which make up Solo Slim since it actually comes in two different formulas.

The supplement is sold as the Original Solo Slim, and Solo Slim Extra Strength. All of the ingredients are listed when someone is trying to find out what the ingredients are in Solo Slim, and it is only through further investigation do you find out that the original supplement doesn’t contain some if the ingredients you have read on the list.

Ingredients in Solo Slim

The formula in the original Solo Slim is made up of Lotus Leaf Flavonoids and Alkaloids, Konjac Glucomannan, Hawthorne Hyperosides, L-Carnitine Tartrate and Citrus Aurantium Synephrine. Konjac Glucommannan is actually a water soluble fiber that helps your stomach and intestines to fill up and reduce your hunger.

Citrus Aurantium is widely known as “bitter orange”. Diet pill manufacturers have been using it ever since ephedra was taken off the market. This ingredient works very similar to how ephedra did, and can have just as serious side effects, which is why it is important to realize that caution needs to be used when taking any product containing this compound or ingredient in its formulation.

The website states that the extra strength formula has higher amounts of the extracts already mentioned, as well as having an extract taken from edible brown seaweed called fucoxanthin. This has been discovered to be very beneficial as a strong antioxidant. Many clinical studies have also shown it to be effective in increasing the body’s metabolism, helping you to burn more fat and reduce the amount of belly fat you might have.

The extra strength formula also has green tea extract added into it, which has been focused on for many years already as a powerful antioxidant, and a great way to increase energy. This ingredient is common in many weight loss supplements as it helps to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat.

Solo Slim user feedback

The reviews of this product are mixed, with more negative reviews being found than positive ones, which is something that needs to be considered when looking at this weight loss supplement. Also troubling to us was the fact that when looking through the website and going through the ordering process, there wasn’t any quantity mentioned on how many pills could be ordered for $40.

Not to mention the fact that both Hong Kong and Canadian Health Ministries have sent warnings out to consumers not to use this product. When investigated, it was found that there was an unknown compound similar to what is known in the US as Meridia, or sibutramine.

It was also noted that synphrine was contained in the product which is not allowed in diet supplements in Canada. Consumers need to be aware of all of these issues when making a decision about purchasing this product.

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