“Relacore review

One weight loss supplement which takes a unique and innovative approach to losing weight is called Relacore. It doesn’t make any claims of helping you to suppress your appetite, or that it will help to burn fat as you take it.

This supplement claims that there is a relationship between gaining weight and stress which causes your midsection to grow and for weight in the stomach region to accumulate.

How does Relacore work?

By focusing on the control of cortisol, which is the main stress hormone in the body, Relacore works by using Magnolia Bark, the main ingredient in the supplement, to help lower the amounts produced in your body.

When the body is feeling stressed, it will start to go into overdrive producing large amounts of cortisol. By controlling the levels of cortisol being produced, the supplement can therefore help you to shed pounds.

While there is certainly no question that there is some truth to these claims, you are still left to wonder how large the influence is of stress on weight gain and whether there are other contributing factors that would need to be considered, such as the lack of exercise and overeating.

The company behind Relacore

Press releases claim that the company behind this supplement is the Carter-Reed Company, but in truth this company is simply a subsidiary of the Basic Research Company based in Salt Lake City. Utah. The Basic Research company is without question one of the less reputable diet pill companies on the market.

They have had problems with the FTC (http://ftc.gov/os/adjpro/d9318/index.shtm), and have been involved in using very deceptive tactics in their marketing. For example:

    • They promoted the product using a research paper that looked very scientific, put out by a doctor that they claimed was a medical doctor. In truth, although he does hold a PhD, his specialty lay in herbal medicine.

    • They then used this very same paper for another product they were responsible for, while taking just a few paragraphs out and replacing any mention of the first product with the other product (which was Zantrex-3).

    • Their claims of clinical studies offer no proof and show nothing.

    • They sell one diet pill, charging $150, then go ahead and start up a new company selling a generic version for $80 (which is still very costly for a diet pill). They claim in the advertising for the generic pill that the company received the exclusive rights to marketing the product. (The products in question are Leptoprin and Leptopril).

By doing a very simple WHOIS database search, the domain name relacore.com is shown as being registered to Western Holdings LLC, who is also the registered owner of zantrex-3.com, leptoprin.com and leptopril.com. And, even more interesting is the fact that the registrants email address is going to @basicresearch.org

Do we recommend Relacore?

While we do believe that there is some truth in stress being related to weight gain, the concept is still relatively new and hasn’t received much research yet. We don’t trust the company behind the product, so to be on the safe side, we wouldn’t be comfortable in recommending this product to the public.

But, if you do decide to take the supplement, make sure you talk it over with your doctor first to be sure you have weighed out all the negative and positive aspects.

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